Ethiopian Medical Equipment Digital Marketplace

Ethiopian Medical Equipment Digital Marketplace

Ethio Health Expo: A Beam for Healthcare Innovation in Ethiopia


The Ethio Health Expo, held at the Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa, was a resounding success, drawing attention to Ethiopia’s burgeoning healthcare sector. From March 7th to 9th, this premier event became the nexus for healthcare professionals, industry leaders, and innovators 
from across the globe. 

With over 90 companies from 12 countries, including a dedicated pavilion from Algeria, the expo showcased cutting-edge medical technologies and solutions. The event was not just a tradeshow but a knowledge-sharing platform, featuring over 40 CPD accredited conferences. These sessions, a first of their kind in Ethiopia, were conducted in collaboration with 22 professional and sectoral associations, highlighting the expo’s commitment to continuous professional development. 

The expo’s impact extends beyond the halls of Millennium. It’s a testament to Ethiopia’s commitment to improving healthcare access and quality. The event also underscored the importance of local and international collaboration in advancing the medical equipment industry.

MedStore ET has participated in this prestigious event and offered its unparalleled platform to showcase its comprehensive digital solutions for the medical equipment industry.It was a momentous occasion that allowed MedStore ET to connect with a diverse audience, from healthcare professionals to industry stakeholders, promoting its mission to facilitate access and affordability in medical equipment through digital innovation. 

Such expos are vital for they not only foster knowledge sharing and collaboration but also serve as a catalyst for businesses like MedStore ET to reach wider audience sets. They highlight the importance of integrating digital solutions in healthcare, a vision that MedStore ET embodies and strives to advance in Ethiopia’s growing medical sector.