Ethiopian Medical Equipment Digital Marketplace

Ethiopian Medical Equipment Digital Marketplace

Digital Innovations on Healthcare in Ethiopia


Obviously, you have witnessed the world is going digital as human beings are innovating easier life everyday. If you’re feeling queasy at the speed of change, hold tight. It’s only going to get faster! Technologies arriving is accelerating and they are changing our day-to-day lifestyle for the better I would say. The whole purpose of technology is to deliver a better solution anyway!

We are witnessing a global transformation driven by new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, and Big Data, amongst many others that offer new models for production, communication, and lifestyle in Ethiopia within the past recent years. However, when we talk about digital healthcare innovations, Healthcare patients have more options nowadays. As the world is going digital and more information is available online, patients no longer feel the need to visit the closest hospital to their location or even healthcare centers with multiple locations in the district.

Ethiopia is transforming many sectors toward digital and one of the sector is digitalizing the healthcare industry. The Homegrown Economic Reform Agenda and the Ten-Year National Development Plan (2020-2030). The Digital Ethiopia Strategy 2025 offers an opportunity to sustain growth and ensure every citizen benefits from a more prosperous nation and it is designed to realize the country’s digital potential and leverage technology to build digital economic development aligned with national development plans.

The current life expectancy in Ethiopia is 66.24 years at birth, well below

The demand for better healthcare services is rising and there is essential market growth. The innovators have the opportunities to offer the right solutions addressing healthcare challenges at the right price. Am sure that Ethiopia is the next big thing when it comes to digital health.


“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life.” ~ Bill Gates